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Villa Bali Amber is located on the northern part of Bali, (Lovina). On this map you can see where the villas are located; in a very green landscape surrounded by traditional villages with a vast mountainous area behind you and with the Java sea to the front.

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Indonesia has about 13,700 islands, of which a thousand are permanently inhabited. Bali is just a small spot on the map of Indonesia (Population of 3.2 Million). But one of the most famous and interesting. What makes Bali so special among the rest is the religion, the Hindu Dhama Aguma, Bali is the only Hindu island in Indonesia which has remained. Bali is considered by many as a true paradise. That is not as incomprehensible as you think. Look at the many beaches, the best surfing waves and the beautiful landscapes that you'll find on the island. Much of the island is dotted with volcanoes and temples that have a sacred meaning for the Balinese.


Bali has a tropical climate with an average temperature of 30 °C all year long. The only difference is found in the dry and rainy season, the dry season (April to September) is overall slightly sunnier and less humid (humidity is between 40 to 70%), while in the rainy season (October to March) there's more chance of rain and definitely more humid. There are even significant variations of temperature on the island, the coast is usually much warmer than inland, but the constant sea breeze that brings with it is tolerable. When you go inland you'll eventually go up and at that height it will be considerably cooler, even at times it can get too cold. It's best to take a jacket if your going into the mountains.

Animals & Vegetation

  • Animals - The island is geologically young and most of the animals have migrated to Bali. What you can find are lizards of many different sizes and shapes as well as Geckos, these animals you will hear rather than see first. There are regularly bats flying at night out and monkeys are often seen in the temples and also on the street. Dolphins can be seen in the sea surounding Bali and they have a variety of 300 different species of birds.
  • Vegetation - Bali consists mostly of a softwood rainforest, and so the trees are used for woodworking, furniture and sculptures (Sumatra - Kalimantan). There are even plants that have a significant economic impact, the bamboo grows in different variations and get used for almost everything from kitchen utensils, satay sticks and even as a string for some music instruments (Balinese music). In Bali you can get all kinds of flowers, some are only seasonal and some you can only get in the cooler regions. Flowers are seen everywhere, along the streets and in every garden. One of the more common flower is the orchid, there are round 1,000 different species on Bali and they are a real delight to see. What you'll also find is the water-lily because so many people have their own ponds, these grow extremely fast and can begin to dominate over the other plants quickly.


The Balinese cuisine is for most tourists a complete mystery and delight but for the less sensitive you can get western food at all times.There are influences from southern India, Malaysia and China in the villas own luxuriously furnished kitchens and cuisine. The natural ingredients ensure that your metabolism is much faster and helps for better digestion and a healthier lifestyle. In each meal, you'll find a wide array of flavours including sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy , this is the basis of a healthy meal and a good vitality in Bali. The food it always prepared using fresh ingredients and herbs, some of them are, ginger, chilli, shrimp paste, palm sugar, coconut milk and tamarin. If you go out to eat this is what you should expect, you'll be amazed that Bali is so cheap and even the luxury restaurants are lower in price than Europe, naturally there are different classes but the food should be just as good throughout all restaurants, the Balinese know something about making a nice meal.

Usefull tips

• Dont drink water from the tap, just bottles.
• To drive a car you'll need an international drivers liscense.
• The driving style is on the left side like in England. Be careful.
• You can exchange euro's & dollars or just use your master card or visa in the ATM.
• Women are requested to swim in bikini and not topless due to the countries religous culture.
• Their timezone is GMT+7.
• Ask about vaccinations at your local Doctor before departing, Hepititis A+B are always good to vaccinations to have.
• Ask what your insurance covers on this vacation, otherwise you should take an extra insurance.
• In case of an accident the tourist is always wrong. Tourists have money....